Emilie Destruel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, French and Italian/Linguistics

Emilie Destruel's primary research explores the semantic and pragmatic underpinnings of sentence structure variation and how the principles that govern this variation are manifested in French, but also across languages. She has worked on a range of topics in the field of pragmatics and the syntax/semantics interface, including the semantics and pragmatics of focus, the prosodic realization of focus in French and its acquisition by native french children, and existential constructions and the definiteness effect. She worked collaboratively on focus in ASL and in English.

Emilie also has research interests in second language acquisition and bilingualism, studying the acquisition of pragmatic inferences and sentence structure variation in L2 learners and bilinguals.

Emilie Destruel
Contact Information

514 Phillips Hall (PH)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States